Packing Tips and Tricks

Read up the entire guide on moving to a new city for more details. Don’t worry — we have tons of resources to guide you through that as well. Take a look at our ultimate moving checklist to get started.

  1. Declutter Before You Pack: Before diving into packing, ensure you aren’t moving items you no longer need. Lighten your move by decluttering first. Assess what can be tossed, sold, donated, or retained. Measure your new place and ditch furniture that won’t fit or isn’t in your future plans.

  2. Invest in Quality Moving Boxes: Skip the supermarket boxes. Opt for high-quality moving boxes designed for safety and durability. They’re worth the investment.

  3. Pace Your Packing: Avoid cramming your packing into a short timeframe. Break down your packing tasks, dedicating an hour daily to box up a specific area or room.

  4. Have a Moving-Day Essential Bag: Upon moving in, unpacking everything right away might not be feasible. An essentials bag can be a real lifesaver.

  5. Color-coded Organizing: Use colored labels or tapes for each room, simplifying the identification of items and their designated spots in the new home.

  6. Don’t Overload Boxes: Maintain a manageable weight for each box, aiming for no more than 50 pounds to ensure safety during transport.

  7. Use Right-sized Boxes: Distribute weight properly. Heavy items in smaller boxes, light items in larger ones.

  8. Avoid Empty Spaces in Boxes: Utilize packing paper, clothes, or foam to prevent items from moving during transit.

  9. Protect Fragile Items: Special packing care for delicate items can prevent damages.

  10. Repurpose Household Items for Packing: Consider using luggage, baskets, and vacuum bags to pack clothes and other belongings.

  11. Maximize Clothing Space: Roll clothes instead of folding. Use trash bags to group hanging clothes.

  12. Document & Label Furniture and Electronic Components: This will streamline the reassembly and setup in your new place.

  13. Easy Box Opening Technique: Use strings or wool to create tabs that make opening packed boxes a breeze.

  14. Isolate Hazardous Items: Certain items might pose risks and should be transported separately.

  15. Kitchen Packing Materials: Delicate items like glassware and ceramics demand extra care during packing.

  16. Prevent Leaks: Seal any liquids securely to avoid potential spills.

  17. Keep Jewelry Tangle-free: Use straws to prevent necklaces from tangling and pill cases for small jewelry items.

Moving Day Tips

  1. Map Out the Day: Assign someone to coordinate with the movers on the big day, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

  2. Avoid Rushing: Haste can lead to damages or oversights. Plan well to avoid unnecessary hustle and bustle.

Considering moving to Florida? WeMoveOnDemand has curated these tips just for you. Now that you’re informed, you’re all set to kick off your move. And remember, we have a myriad of resources to aid you throughout. Dive into our definitive moving checklist and get started.